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University of Florida Links

Dealing with Venomous Snakes in Florida School Yards

Emergency Snakebite Action Plan

Preventing Encounters between Children and Snakes

Recognizing Florida's Venomous Snakes/Dealing with Snakes/More

Alternate Recognizing Florida's Venomous Snakes

What to do following a snake bite
Venom One: Brochure

The Pigmy Rattlesnake Homepage

Venomous SnakebiteFirst Aid

Treating & Preventing Venomous snakebite

Snakebite Protocols Webpage

Wilderness Emergency Medical Services Institute

A Discussion of Traditional Snake Bite Treatment

University of Sydney Snakebite Page

GORP Snakebite Facts

Cobra Snake Envenomations

Sea Snake Envenomations


Snake Bite News

Queensland Australia Museum : SnakeBite

National Geo News: “Venom 1” Team Saves Snakebite Victims

Partners In Amphibian & Reptile Conservation

SecurityWorld.Com: Snakebite

KeepKidsHealthy.Com: Treating and Preventing Venomous Bites

United Safety Authority: Snakebite Protection

American Acadamy of Family Physicians: Snakebite Prevention and First Aid

E-how: How to Treat a Snakebite

The Camping Source: Snakebite

The Free Dictionary: Snakebite

Savannah River Ecology Laboratory: How Dangerous Are Venomous Snakes in America ?

Commonwealth Serum Laboratories: Australian Snakes & Snakebite

Venomous Snakebite: Emergency First-Aid

ADAM.COM: Illustrations showing proper use of Compression Bandages for snakebite

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