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Florida's Panthers
Naples Zoo has hosted an educational Save the Panther Day event since the 1990s and has supported numerous efforts over the years to help Floridians know how to safely live with this endangered species. Recently, Naples Zoo purchased 70 remote high-speed cameras to help in the long-term monitoring and recovery efforts of these iconic cats on Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge. Your vote will support these local efforts. VOTE Now.
Madagascar's Lemurs
Lemurs are and endangered group of primates that live exclusively on the island of Madagascar. The Zoo is a Managing Member of the Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group (MFG), an international consortium dedicated to conservation of rare species on the island. To acheive our mission, the MFG cares for animals confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade, teaches sustainable agriculture practices, educates locals on conservation, and supports numerous children's programs including Saturday Schools. VOTE Now.
Malaysia's Tigers
Naples Zoo cares for two endangered Malayan tigers here in the gardens as well as supports the survival of wild tigers in peninsular Malayasia where fewer than 500 are believed to still live. The twentieth century witnessed the loss of three types of tigers. With your help, we are funding efforts to protect the remaining cats from the same fate. Naples Zoo funds conservation efforts in Malaysia including education and anti-poaching efforts. VOTE Now.


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