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Striped Hyenas
Be one of the few in the U.S. to see them!

These carnivores are rarely seen in the United States. Naples Zoo is home to two of just fifteen in the nation. In the wild, they range across northern and eastern Africa into the Middle East and into Asia.They typically eat carrion as well as fruits, insects, and small mammals.

Smaller and less powerful than Spotted hyenas, the Striped hyena is primarily a scavenger and often avoids other animals.  Striped hyenas typically forage for food alone and will surrender their meal and run away if challenged by larger predators like lions and tigers or even their spotted cousins.  At the same time, they are known to steal kills from leopards and cheetahs and have even posed threats to people.

Striped hyenas are capable of short dashes nearing 30 mph.  They have a mane running along their neck and back that stands up when they are aggressive or fearful. They are nocturnal and typically spend days in a secure lair.






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