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Cotton-top tamarin

Giant Anteater Off Exhibit For Renovations Until April 3

South American Wildlife
Bizarre. Cute. Amazing.

These are just a few words people find themselves saying when they see some of the wondrous animals from South America. Come find out for yourself what words you come up with when you see visually striking monkeys that live in a small range in the forests of Colombia or colorful tortoises that eat meat – or the creature that perhaps captures the imagination the most, the knuckle-walking, sharp-clawed, long-faced giant anteater of the South American grasslands.

At the new exhibits, a glass-viewing wall allows you to appreciate the giant anteater with its iconic snout as it shuffles through the tropical foliage or plays in the water. And never before seen at Naples Zoo are the Cotton-top tamarins, tiny monkeys with a shock of hair that has to be seen to be believed.

Living in the branches is the Zoo’s female two-toed sloth. Over thirty years old, this will be the first time this long-time beloved favorite can be seen outside of the Safari Canyon shows. She can generally be see in the late morning and early afternoon. And nearby are red-footed tortoises, known for their crimson spots and a taste for flesh! Plus our newest arrivals, the red-rumped agoutis.

TED-ED TALK: Learn How to Speak Monkey
Cotton-top tamarins communicate with 38 known calls! With insights from her years of field research, Dr. Anne Savage shares a few of these vocalizations through the daily life of Shakira the tamarin using sounds recorded in the forests of Colombia.

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