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A Casual Environment with Deadly Reptiles
From a copperhead to cottonmouth, venomous snakes fascinate and often frighten us. At the daily Snakes Alive! talk, our highly trained experts help you better understand a number snakes and other reptiles.



Each day can be different snakes and species. Even the Zoo's popular Gila monsters may make appearances.

Snakes Alive! is named in honor of the Zoo's founders, Jungle Larry and Safari Jane. In addition to their other achievements, they spent decades helping both adults and children overcome their fear of snakes as well as the beneficial role that many reptiles play throughout nature.


The Perfect Balance between Exhibit & Show
Better than a reptile exhibit because the animals are slithering around and exploring the environment. And it's more casual than a theater show so you can take your time watching them interact with our staff.

Great for Photography
You've got 30 minutes of unstructured time to speak with our handlers and ask questions. And without even glass between you and the animals, you'll get awesome photos! You may even get an up close shot when a staff member takes your camera inside!

Snake Safety Information:
Resources to create your own family or business protocols

Snake Sunbathing Images

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