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Serpents: Fangs & Fiction header with rattlesnake
An Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake at the Serpents: Fangs & Fiction Show
presented by 98.9 WGUF and Mix 104.7


The Everglades have long been home to giant alligators. Because
of released pets, it is also home
to Burmese pythons.
Photo by Mike Mercier.
Venomous snake and presenter

Discover the truth behind the fears about the world's reptiles in the zoo's newest presentation. Presented by expert handlers, this fast paced program features snakes, strange lizards, and tortoises from near and far including venomous snakes.

Guests safely get an up close view through the use of a live video camera broadcasting to video monitors in the Safari Canyon open-air theater.

You'll also see quick video clips highlighting fascinating behaviors not easily replicated outside the wild.

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Learn more about being safe when living around venomous snakes in Florida.

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