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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an additional fee to take the cruise?
No. The cruise is included in your admission. For this reason, you can also enjoy taking a cruise more than once!

How long is the cruise and how often does it depart?

The cruise lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes. The first cruise departs at 10 o'clock in the morning and cruises run throughout the day until the final cruise leaves at 4:30 in the afternoon. Check your zoo map and printed schedule upon arrival for specific departure times.

Can I take pictures?
By all means, the cruise provides a fantastic opportunity to view primates in a natural open-air setting. This makes for a great experience and even better photographs. Although you do pass close by the islands, we recommend you have a zoom lens for the most detailed results. (Commercial photographers: please see our photo policy.)

Can I bring a stroller or wheelchair aboard?
For safety reasons, strollers must be parked on the mainland. Likewise, wheelchairs cannot be accommodated because of safety issues for guests in wheelchairs getting on and off the catamarans. Click here for more information about accessibility.

Is food and drink allowed on the catamarans?
Because of the potential to attract the primates' attention, food is not permitted on board the cruise. For similar reasons, waving or making monkey gestures and noises is also not allowed.

Is there a best time to take the cruise?
No specific times can ever be guaranteed for the most primate activity, but the cooler parts of the day or when Naples experiences a day or two of cooler weather is usually the best time to take a cruise. In the warmer summer months, a morning or late afternoon cruise is a good choice. Cruising early or late is also a good idea because the the cruise is typically busiest in early afternoon. And, by the way, this same pattern of activity applies to most animals. Most animals conserve energy and are least active during the strength-sapping heat of the day. The best advice to see the zoo's animals is to arrive early in the day, enjoy the cruise, and then take in the full day of shows and keeper talks.

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