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Alligators swim, eat and bask in a natural environment

Coconut palms and a host of tropical plants surround the sun sparkled waters of Alligator Bay. Look more closely and you'll see giant reptiles gliding through the waters or sunning on the banks and islands.

You'll learn the truths behind the myths about the more than one million alligators that make their homes in Florida. This natural lake environment is also home to numerous native species including an annual rookery of herons.

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Adopt An Animal: Gator Club of Naples
The care for the alligators from August 2015 through July 2016 is supported through their generosity.
If you'd like to support your zoo like this, please call our Director of Development at 239.262.5409 ext 147.

More about alligators

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Croc or Gator? Tell the difference.

Photo of Alligators Basking on Island

View of Alligator Bay looking West

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Burmese pythons don't make good pets. So many former pets have been released they are believed to be reproducing in the Everglades. This unlucky python finds itself in the jaws of an alligator where it was photographed by Mike Mercier.

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