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Today's accredited zoos weave a complex web between humanity and nature. Why? Because in the long run, what’s best for people and wildlife is the same. Taking a shortcut for either eventually harms both. With the support of people like you, we’ll achieve even more as we make a better future together - for the guests and wildlife inside our borders to those far beyond.

Our Mission
The mission of the Naples Zoo is to continue our proud legacy of delighting
and informing guests, and to inspire conservation through innovative,
intimate, and memorable experiences. 

What does this look like? Here are a few examples.

  • It's connecting thousands of school children to nature on field trips. And it's educating children in a Madagascar village so they will have a better life and make wise decisions for wildlife and their families.

  • It's planting tens of thousands of trees each year in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. And it's funding "rocket stoves" that allow families to use up to 90% less firewood to protect existing forests.

  • It's educating fisherman in the tropics which fish are endangered to keep them out of the cooking pot. And it's providing Seafood Watch cards so Americans can know what is the best seafood to eat for both healthy bodies and oceans.

  • It's participating in the Species Survival Plan for rare purebred South African lions. And it's training Maasai warriors to protect lions instead of killing them.

Our visitors, members, and donors powerfully enable us to create a better future for people and wildlife. And after spending the day with us, we hope everyone will better understand that we all have incredible power to change the world by what we buy, whom we support, and how we live. 


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