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Naples Zoo has been consistently voted
"Best Place to Take Kids"

by Gulfshore Life Magazine.

Over the years, readers of Naples Daily News have also voted Naples Zoo the first place "Champion" winner in the Entertainment "Nature/Education" category and Grand Champion of the entire "Entertainment" category in the Southwest Florida Choice Awards!

Rediscover Natural Fun with Your Children and Grandchildren
Zoos and kids go together. Below are some of the fun features not to miss if you're bringing along children to Naples Zoo. Check out visiting tips for more info, too.

And if you live in the area, consider the value of a Family or Grandparent Zoo Membership. Visit all year long with your children or grandchildren for one low price.

Girls on Cruise Looking at Lemur

Primate Expedition Cruise
This is an all-time favorite for everyone, and definitely a winner with children. Learn more about the cruise here and read the Cruise FAQ here.

Some toddlers can be unsure about boats and water. If you're not sure, try bringing them aboard and decide if they're comfortable before the cruise departs.

Feed a Giraffe!
It's even more fun than it looks.

Watch the video and learn more about the giraffe feeding and fun facts about the world's tallest animals.

Leopard and Girl

Leopard Rock, Tiger Forest, Black Bears and More!
Both children and adults can get wildly close. Just an inch or two of glass separates you from these magnificent animals.

Learn more about Leopard Rock.

Alligator Jump

Alligator Bay
Another favorite with kids is Alligator Bay where you can see these giant reptiles being hand-fed by professional staff.

Check the schedule
for feeding times.

Learn more about Alligator Bay.

Safari Canyon Presentations
With live animals and wildlife clips on the video screens, the Zoo's feature presentations are a "don't miss" activity for elementary age children and up.These shows feature a variety of wildlife each day from carnivorous creatures like ocelots to free-flying birds and other unusual animals.

TIP FOR VERY YOUNG CHILDREN: Although toddlers may not be comfortable sitting for the 20 minute presentations, check back after the shows. Frequently, there are opportunities to see the animals up close and speak with the wildlife presenters.

Jungle Larry & Safari Jane's Snakes Alive!
At this informal Q & A presentation, kids will see reptiles from around the world including native and exotic venomous snakes.

As the walls are high enough to keep the snakes safely inside, toddlers need to be held. A variety of species are presented, you may wish to step away and come back when a new animal comes out.
Making Paw Prints in the Sand
Paw Prints in the Sand
Near the coyotes, children can create a story in the sand using the tracks of Florida's animals.
Ducks on Bridge

Natural Fun
Sure, the Zoo has lions and tigers, but it's also a beautiful, green habitat for local wildlife. Whether it's baby ducks on the path or butterflies flitting from flower to flower in the NWF certified Wildlife Habitat, keep an eye out for unscheduled encounters with nature!

In the spring, look at the trees on the big island in Alligator Bay. They're completely filled with fledgling herons, egrets, and other chicks.

Child with Elephant Bird Egg
Madagascar Pavilion
If your kids loved the movie "Madagascar," make sure to stop by Petrof's Primate Pavilion. Just across a channel of water from the display, kids will delight in seeing an island full of lemurs.

Children learn about the island's amazing wildlife. There's even a graphic where they can try to defeat the camouflage of a gecko by spotting it on a tree trunk. They also discover some of the islands extinct creatures as they walk up to a life-size graphic of a gorilla-sized lemur and touch a lifesize 3-D replica of an elephant bird egg, the largest egg ever laid on planet earth!

Play Areas
Kids also can enjoy two different play areas throughout the Zoo.

Our largest play area is located in the northern portion of the Zoo near Panther Glade. This playground offers climbing & balancing challenges, monkey bars, and slides. Benches allow parents to relax while the kids play.

This playground is located next to the Cafe enabling parents or grandparents to leisurely finish their lunch under the pavilion or in the shade of Live oak trees while watching the kids burning off some energy.

Child feeding fish

Feed the Fish
It's so simple, and kids love it. Okay, so do the adults.

Look for fish feeding stations at various points around the zoo including by Petrof's Primate Pavilion, in the cruise dock area, and by the picnic area near Alligator Bay.

Also good to know...

Eating at the ZOO
Enjoy a variety of healthy sandwich options and other snacks at the Cafe inside the zoo. For the shortest wait times, avoid the rush times after Safari Canyon. The Zoo also offers the Jungle Cafe along the shores of Lake Victoria and the Safari Cafe by the Safari Canyon Theater.

Bring a Picnic

You can also bring a picnic lunch with you. Picnic tables are available near Safari Canyon, along the north side of The ZOO Gift Shop, and along the western bank of Alligator Bay. And if you can balance the meal in your lap, benches are placed throughout the zoo including some scenic spots along Lake Victoria.

Paved Paths
The the main path through Naples Zoo is paved. Strollers, wheelchairs, and wagons have a much smooth ride through the gardens.

Wagon Rentals
The Zoo offers wagon rentals on a first come / first served basis.

Baby Changing Facilities
Additionally for guests with little ones, Koala Bear Kare Baby Changing Stations are located in both men's and women's restrooms in The ZOO Gift Shop.

Family Restrooms
There is also a family restroom located on Shoreline Trail in addition to the men's and women's restrooms. In addition, the handicap accessible restrooms have a separate entrance and can be used by parents with children of the opposite sex for added privacy.
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