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Wild Dogs
Plan your visit early in the day to see the best of the zoo -- all our fun and fascinating presentations. Along with the Zoo's other exhibits, make sure to experience these "don't miss" exhibits!

New for 2014: Open!
South American Wonders

Discover the diversity of Central and South America from the forests to the deserts.
  Fosas of Madagascar
See one of the planet's rarest creatures.

See the world's fastest land animal up close through glass viewing walls.

  Honey Badgers
One of the fiercest animals in the world. You can only see them here and at only 3 other zoos in America.
Giraffe Preview Exhibit
See the new herd of seven giraffe between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. daily. Don't miss your chance to hand-feed the world's tallest animal!
  Alligator Bay
A lake environment with alligators and other native wildlife including a heron rookery in the spring.
Black Bear Hammock
The largest black bear exhibit East of the Mississippi.

  LionAfrica's Lions:
Disappearing in
Plain Sight

Discover what we can do to help the king of beasts.
Tiger Forest
See the Malayan tiger, the rarest variety of tiger in American zoos.
  Striped Hyenas
Rarely seen in the United States. See 2 out of less than 20 in the nation here!
Leopard Leopard Rock
Get within an inch of big cats! Spotted leopards perch on the rocks or get nose to nose with you at the glass.

Get an up close look
at America's ubiquitous predator.
Backyard Habitat
Watch wild butterflies and other native wildlife while learning how to make your home more inviting to songbirds and butterflies.
  African Oasis
Greater kudu, impala antelope, and the endangered slender-horned gazelles.

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