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Common Name : Lychee Nut

Scientific Name: Litchi chinensis


Description: Their existence was first recorded in A.D. 1060. The trees have now spread to most tropical areas of the world. The first successful plantings in the U.S. occurred around 1906 in Central Florida. The fruit resembles a hard strawberry and appears in midsummer. The attractive evergreen trees are of value without the fruit as an ornamental tree much resembling a smaller version of the Weeping Fig.

Range: Originally the provinces of Kwangtung and Fukien in Southern China


Recommended LINKS & BOOKS

University of Florida's The Lychee in Florida page

A great resource for botanical information is Botanica which you can order from at this link. This text features beautiful color photos and descriptions of over 10,000 garden plants. It is also available to order on CD from Canada.

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