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Common Name : Giant Bamboo

Scientific Name: Bambusa vulgaris

Bamboo and SculpturesDescription: Open clumps of this giant form with individual stems as wide as five inches in diameter and sixty feet tall provide a decidedly oriental atmosphere. The stems are constantly moving in the breeze often creating an eerie groaning sound.

New growth is rapid. As much as a foot or more may be grown in a twenty-four hour period although the new tissue is very soft. Once the wood has hardened it may be used for building construction, dinnerware, and a variety of ornamentals or curiosities.

Flowering is rare and may in fact bring about the death of an entire clump.

Range: Exact origin uncertain





Recommended LINKS & BOOKS

A great resource for botanical information is Botanica which you can order from at this link. This text features beautiful color photos and descriptions of over 10,000 garden plants. It is also available to order on CD from Canada.

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