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Common Name: Damaras Zebra

Scientific Name: Equus burchelli antiquorum

Description: This famous relative of the horse has a pattern of broad, dark stripes alternating with thin, light shadow-stripes. Males weigh up to 250 kg and females around 220 kg.

Range: Angola and Namibia across northern South Africa to Transvaal

Habitat: Savanna

Diet: Herbivorous. Grass, herbs, and leaves.


Recommended LINKS & BOOKS

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"Safari Companion" is a great book to have and it's just been updated. And if you're planning a trip to Africa, make sure to read this first and then bring it with you! It's that good. Click here to buy.

Dr. David Macdonald's Encyclopedia of Mammals is one of the great standards for mammal information including the big cats. Purchase it through by clicking on the photo to help the zoo!




Another excellent text on African mammals is The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals.

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