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Common Name: Greater kudu

Scientific Name: Tragelaphus strepsiceros

Quality images of greater kudu in Africa.

Range: Eastern and Southern Africa

Habitat: Woodlands, scrub, and open forests


Recommended LINKS & BOOKS

Africam's Field Guide page on kudus.

The Ultimate Ungulate's greater kudu page.

Click here to see live images from Africa. You can even win prizes for the best picture!

This is a great book to have and it's just been updated. And if you're planning a trip to Africa, make sure to read this first and then bring it with you! It's that good. Click here to buy.



Dr. David Macdonald's Encyclopedia of Mammals is one of the great standards for mammal information including the kudus. Purchase it through by clicking on the photo to help the zoo!

Another excellent text on African mammals is The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals.


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