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Common Name: Impala

Scientific Name: Aepyceros melampus

Description: This tan colored antelope is well known for its tremendous leaping ability. When being pursued, jumps of 9 m have been seen as it makes for cover. It is a common prey for lion, leopard, hyena, and wild dogs. Body weight is up to 80 kg for a male. Males also have curved horns of 0.5 to 0.75 m.

Range: East Africa South of Kenya to northern border of South Africa.

Habitat: Open country

Diet: Herbivorous. Impala graze on grass, leaves, and other greens.

Social Life: Although they often form smaller segregated groups, herds of both sexes numbering in the hundreds occasionally gather as they seek food. Impala also establish territories. Females entering a males territory will be approached by the male and possibly come under his rule. Mothers give birth after a 6-7 month gestation. Young males are usually ousted by an adult male. Females reach sexual maturity shortly after their first birthday. Longevity is known into the mid to late teens.

Conservation: One subspecies petersi is listed as endangered by IUCN and USDI. The rest of the population is not listed.


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