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Slender Horned Gazelle

Sahara Survivors Newest Arrivals at Zoo
Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens recently welcomed a trio of endangered gazelles native to the unforgiving and otherworldly dunes of the Sahara Desert. Known as slender-horned gazelles, as few as 250 of these elegant creatures may yet traverse northern Africa’s sand seas west of the Nile River. The new arrivals are part of a Species Survival Plan® for these endangered creatures. Visitors to Southwest Florida’s only accredited zoo can see these rare gazelles in the African Oasis exhibit living among Greater kudu and impala antelope.

For eons, the small slender-horned gazelles successfully survived in large numbers in their harsh desert environment. Enlarged hooves helped them walk the sand seas. They fed and drank dew at night and early morning – their pale color reflecting heat and helping them blend in while their blood was cooled in modified nasal passages.

But their natural defenses against the desert were no match from new threats from activities like oil development bringing more people and the resulting unregulated hunting. Today, only fragmented remnant populations wander the loose sands of the Great Western and Great Eastern ergs (sand seas) and the smaller ergs on the edge of the central Saharan massifs – regions so challenging they are avoided by modern trans-Saharan routes.

To help these special gazelles, Naples Zoo participates in the Species Survival Plan® in cooperation with other institutions accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Like many antelopes, slender-horned gazelles typically live in a herd with a single dominant male, several females, and offspring. Thus to replicate the social units of the wild, accredited zoos cooperate with each other to create bachelor herds at some facilities and breeding herds with a single male at others. Currently, Naples Zoo is caring for a bachelor herd to provide a future for these endangered gazelles.

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It’s said a camel is a horse designed by committee. That says more about bureaucracy than zoology and is certainly not the kindest of sentiments for these astounding “ships of the desert.” They are perfectly suited for their harsh, hot, and cold environments. A camel can even survive losing over 30% of its water. A double row of eyelashes protect their eyes during sandstorms during which they can even close their nostrils to keep out debris. Amazing!

Take a ride on one today at the Zoo between 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. It's just $5 per person. But don’t wait too long. They're only here through May 4, 2014!

Collier County's Greenway & Shared Parking Project Underway
Second Phase of Zoo/Greenway Entrance at Fleischmann Blvd Light Has Begun

Construction on the Gordon River Greenway Park is underway. Stay updated with the latest construction news

Wild Animals Hunt for Easter Eggs

Everyone loves hunting for Easter eggs -- even the animals at Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens. During this special three day event from Friday, April 18 to  Sunday April 20, 2014, Zoo guests will enjoy watching animals claw and gnaw into special treat-filled eggs.

Zookeepers along with residents from Southwest Florida Brookdale Senior Living communities from Naples to Sarasota are helping out the Easter Bunny by preparing large colorful papier-mâché eggs stuffed with treats for the Zoo’s rare animals. Families also enjoy searching out the wild answers to an Easter Scavenger Hunt for a chance to win a Family or Grandparent Zoo Membership.

With an outstanding reputation in their field, Brookdale Senior Living currently operates more than 650 communities in 36 states and the ability to serve over 67,000 residents across the nation.  The company is committed to providing an exceptional living experience through properties that are designed, purpose-built and operated to provide the highest-quality service, care and living accommodations for residents. Brookdale Senior Living communities provide a daily experience of programs, services and care that are unique as a result of the collective talents and inspiration of the residents, their families, and its associates including opportunities like this to provide enriching experiences for the rare animals at Naples Zoo!

Come out and enjoy the fun all Easter Weekend!  

Join us at The Naples Zoo Children's Gala 2014

Enjoy festive food for the kids, dinner and open bar for the adults, games and activities, live music and entertainment, wild animals and plenty of surprises – all within our thrilling Garden of Wonders on Saturday, November 15, 2014 from 5:30 to 8 p.m.

Come by magic carpet or caravan, but don’t miss this magical fundraiser to benefit the Naples Zoo’s ongoing education and conservation programs to connect children and animals in meaningful ways for generations to come. Tickets and more information.

Malayan Tiger and WomanStudy Highlights Benefits of Watching Animals at Zoos

Researchers in Japan (Taketo Sakagami and Mitsuaki Ohta) found a decrease in blood pressure and an increase in quality of life ratings (via World Health Organization rating scale) for people who view animals at zoos.

These results were significant over people who visited zoos for the same amount of time, walked the same distance, but did not watch animals. Results were published in the peer-reviewed Animal Science Journal.

Bottom line:
Spend some time watching the extraordinary animals in the Zoo. It's good for you.

Choosing Seafood Wisely
Learn how to be an informed consumer of seafood
with Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program. A simple dining choice can help preserve ocean life and your own health.

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Benefits for Collier County Residents
Following the successful vote to preserve the land under and around the Zoo nearly ten years ago, Naples Zoo is continues to offer benefits to the residents of Collier County in thanks for their overwhelming support. To learn more, click here.


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