The images in the galleries below are low-resolution (72 dpi) and are not usable for print publication purposes (typically 300 dpi). To request images, please contact Tim Tetzlaff via email at or by phone at 1.888.520.3756.

All the images are available as digital files for use in articles about Caribbean Gardens: The ZOO in Naples. Digital files can be provided as jpegs suitable for web use (72 dpi) or for magazine/book use (300 dpi).

Use of these photos are in agreement with the terms set by the Caribbean Gardens and must be accompanied by the credit "© 2003 Caribbean Gardens" in all publications whether online or in print.

When making a request, please include the following information:

— Publication name
— The identification name and number of the image(s) requested
— The size/resolution needed (e.g. 5"x7", 300 dpi)

— The e-mail address where images should be sent

We'll then e-mail back to confirm your request meets our guidelines and arrange to get the images to you promptly, typically via e-mail. If you need the images sent on CD, please include your address, telephone number, and an account number for your overnight courier service, e.g. FED EX.

Image Gallery 1
Image Gallery 2
Image Gallery 3

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