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A signed copy of this form must be returned before entry to the Naples Zoo. One will be given or mailed to you with your confirmation papers.

This is for your reference and for ease of sharing with other chaperones. Click here for Page One and Page Two of these forms in a printable PDF format.

Soon you and your young guests will be up close to some of planet's rarest creatures. To maintain their well being and your safety, we ask you to review and follow the guidelines below. You'll see animals at their best and everyone will have a safe, and best of all, a fun day at the zoo!

Tips for Adults
Adult Guides are responsible for the safety of the children.

Arrival and Basic Information

Review the Guidelines below with your group and encourage consideration toward the animals.

  • Upon arrival in the zoo parking area, keep your group in the parking areas while the Group Leader announces your arrival.

  • One of our staff will come out to count and stamp hands. This will expedite the fastest entry into the zoo.
  • Make sure you have a map with a schedule of events on the back before you leave the main entrance. This will describe the events and help you plan your time and find all the activities among the 52-acres.
  • Main Restrooms are located in the gift shop and additional restrooms are located near the Cypress Hammock along Shoreline Trail. With larger groups, it is best to plan breaks away from typical busy times like the rush immediately before or after a show.

  • The zoo does not have a paging system, so pick a location to meet if someone gets separated from the group.

  • In case of heavy rain or lightning, return to the gift shop. Do not stand beneath a large tree or in Safari Canyon.

  • In the event of a minor scrape or cut, basic items like bandages and antiseptic are located in the gift shop for you to apply to the child. If there is a more serious injury, please send someone to the nearest zoo staff member or gift shop to call for medical attention.

  • For the preservation of the plants and animals, Naples Zoo is a non-smoking environment. Cigarettes may be smoked in the parking area in front of the gift shop.

Keeping your Group Safe and Having Fun

  • Monitor the children carefully especially in the three playground areas. Because of the inherent risk in any play area, all playgrounds are "play at your own risk."

  • Never cross any barrier. If a personal item becomes located across a barrier, please ask a keeper or staff member to retrieve it. Most zoo tragedies reported in the national news arise from crossing barriers or trying to touch wild animals. Carnivores can and do reach through the mesh.

  • Keep your young guests on the paths. Be especially careful around the exotic flora away from the main path. In addition to being very sharp, the sap of some plants can be very irritating to the skin or permanently damaging to eyes. The fruit of some of these plants can also be harmful if eaten. And along with the typical hazards of tree climbing, native animals including snakes often make homes up in the large Banyan type trees.

  • Encourage your group to take their time. Running is not only risky for the children, but it is also stressful to animals. Predators see children as prey and seeing a child run causes frustration by triggering the instinct to chase. Prey species can often be spooked by the fast movement and initiate an evasive retreat. Either one of these actions can cause injury when an animal runs into objects in their environment.

  • Please remember,for the safety of the animals, no balloons, streamers, glitter, confetti, glass, kazoos, whistles, pinatas, or straws are allowed in the zoo.
  • Zoo staff will remove any adult or child guest found throwing objects or shouting at animals and require at least one adult to stay with the child or children in the parking area.

Guidelines for Young Explorers

  • Stay together with your adult guide. The adults will have maps and schedules to help everyone enjoy their day.

  • Young Explorers and Adult Guides are never to cross any barrier fence or attempt to touch any of the wild animals. They will all bite.

  • Stay on the paths. Be careful around the plants and trees. Many are sharp and some are poisonous. Do not eat any fruit.

  • Take your time. Running is not permitted.

  • Do not climb any tree.

  • Throwing objects at any animal is strictly forbidden. Items like coins, rocks, and even straws have blinded or killed animals in zoos around the world.

  • Help your friends and everyone enjoy the shows and cruise. Be quiet or whisper and stay seated.

  • Remember, this is the animals' home. Do not shout or scream.

  • Recycle at the zoo. Please place aluminum cans and plastic in recycling receptacles and trash in garbage cans.

  • We're happy to answer your questions. Ask any of your questions at the end of any activity.


I have read the above guidelines and reviewed them with the other adults in my group. I have reviewed or will review these guidelines with my young guests prior to zoo entry and we will abide by them. I will be responsible for any and all damage caused by members of my group. I understand that members of my group may be asked to leave if found risking the health or safety of plants, animals or themselves by not following these guidelines.

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Signature: ___________________________________________________

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