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Animal Donations (Unwanted Pets)

Because of the abundance of pet owners who no longer want their exotic pets, we are not able to accept animal donations.

We do not accept:

  • Domestic Animals
  • Parrots including Macaws
  • Iguanas & Monitor Lizards
  • Boa Constrictors
  • Burmese Pythons
  • Tortoises and Red-eared Sliders

If you have an unusual species not listed here, you may e-mail a request to our General Questions e-mail but please understand the Zoo is rarely able accept donations.

You may wish to try the pet store or breeder where you acquired the pet or contact hobbyist or rescue groups for the type of pet you have.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission also coordinates an annual Amnesty Day. People can surrender exotic pets, free of charge with no questions asked, at this one-day-only event. All surrendered pets will be examined by a licensed veterinarian and if they appear healthy, they will try to place them with willing, qualified adopters.

We wish you well in finding a new home for your pet.

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