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Listen to "DO the ZOO"
Written, Produced, and Performed by
John Michael ZOV
© 2001 Quip Publishing (ASCAP)


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Introducing a fun song from your local zoo!

Here it is! A fun song for you and your family to dance and sing to. As part of its educational mission, Naples Zoo collaborated with composer and musician John Michael ZOV to produce an all-new song to promote the zoo's educational mission. In addition to his work on jazz compilations, Zov has recorded three albums of his own, has been included in several prominent jazz compilations, and has played jazz clubs from the here to LA. His voice is also heard on one of the songs played in the Canadian Pavilion at Disney's Epcot Center.

The resulting "DO the ZOO" song was played regularly at The Club at the Ritz-Carlton, Naples and other venues. It is hoped that the entertaining and audience-participation nature of "DO the ZOO" will support the fun associations of a zoo visit and reach an audience not typically drawn to the zoo environment.

Although zoos are the heart of conservation outside the wild, most zoo visitors across the nation primarily use zoos as recreation. The potential guests drawn by this song provides the zoo an opportunity to present the issues affecting wild animals and their habitats with the hopes of allowing these new guests to become more aware of the conservation opportunities available through the local zoo and our global conservation partners. We hope you enjoy playing this song and sharing it with your family and friends.

We hope you enjoy the song!


DO the ZOO
Lyrics by John Michael ZOV



Lions and the tigers,
Leopards, kangaroos.
The serval and the cougar,
Might start purrin' just for you.
The monkeys with their prime mates,
The tortoise rendezvous.
There's so much fun to do
And they educate you, too!

Do the Zoo, oh, oh,
Be an alligator.
Do the Zoo, oh, oh,
Be a monkey in a tree.
Do the Zoo, oh, oh,
You can be a tiger.
Do the Zoo, oh, oh,
Come on and do the Zoo!


Come and see the flowers
In the gardens thru and thru,
As the parrots tell the story
How the Gumbo Limbo grew.
The python takes a gentle stroll
Around the big bamboo.
There's so much fun to do
At the Naples Zoo.


Rainforest Walk, Safari Canyon,
Conservation, Preservation,
Educating you,
Do the Zoo!